I believe in Love big time. Seeing it and Photographing it, it’s the greatest and most humbling experience the Lord has allow me to have. I would never like to miss a chance to be a witness to a love story, specially for a couple who are so  perfect for each other.

Oakland is slowly becoming my favorite spot to photograph couples and having already done this engagement session there, it will now become my most favorite. From the Columns to the entrance of Phipps conservatory, it was a perfect day for a such wonderful couple.

And as I write this, I am still enjoying the memories of last Saturday.  I was there to witness again as they were saying I do! And In due time I will be sharing that amazing story as well! In the meantime I leave you with this amazing session.

My many thank to these wonderful couple for the chance to photograph their amazing moments and to my Lord in heaven who made all this happen.

As I mentioned before I am believer of Love and these two can prove that anytime.